In December 2003, the Virginia Department of Transportation (VDOT) signed a Comprehensive Agreement under the Public-Private Transportation Act of 1995 (PPTA) with Branch Highways, Inc. (now known as Branch Civil, Inc.) to develop, design, and construct improvements to U.S. Route 58 from Hillsville to Stuart.  Branch Highways has received notice to proceed from VDOT for Phase I of this corridor, consisting of approximately 2.7 miles of new four lane divided highway bypassing the community of Meadows of Dan and completing a new crossing of the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Authorization for subsequent phases is anticipated in the future as funding is identified.

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U.S. Route 58 Corridor Development Program
This highway improvement program was enacted by the Virginia general Assembly in 1989, envisioned “Super 58”, a four lane divided highway connecting the entire southern corridor of Virginia from Virginia Beach west to Big Stone Gap.  This corridor improvement program was seen as vital to provide viable commercial access, expand development opportunities, and create a seamless east-west freeway for the traveling public.  By completing the segment between Hillsville and Stuart, Branch Highways will complete “Super 58” from Virginia Beach to I-77, and by extension to I-81 and destinations north, south, and west.

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Project Benefits
Branch Civil’s Route 58 project under the PPTA when completed will produce distinct benefits to Virginia and the Region.

  • Lower Overall Project Cost:
    Each phase will be performed on a fixed-price, fixed-completion date schedule, with a dramatically reduced potential for costly overruns, through Branch Highways’ assumption of risks
  • Improved Traveling Safety: 
    Use of defined performance standards and extended warranties will produce higher quality, lower-maintenance construction.
  • Accelerated Corridor Completion:
    Using PPTA in partnership with VDOT, Branch Highways expects to complete the Hillsville-Stuart corridors 10 years sooner than traditional processes.
  • Economic Enhancement: 
    Complete connection of Route 58 corridor to I-77 will provide new incentive and opportunity for development in the local region and provide a less-congested alternative route to the Tidewater parts and resort destinations.

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Improving US Route 58 under the PPTA