Phase 3: Laurel Fork






Phase 3 of the Route 58 corridor consisted of 8.2 miles of road improvements beginning just east of Big Reed Island Creek and tying into the previously completed 4 lane section in Meadows of Dan. Phase 3, commonly referred to as Laurel Fork, presented a unique set of challenges as there was both new roadway alignment, as well as widening and resurfacing of the existing roadway. As a result, various traffic switches occured throughout the project, although we planned diligently to minimize these for the traveling public. Project included 14 secondary roads and 120 driveways that were taken into careful consideration. Branch moved 1.7M cubic meters of earth, installed 16,000 meters of pipe, and laid 80,000 metric tons of asphalt for this phase alone. Tory Creek was also rerouted to allow for the new 4 lanes.

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Improving US Route 58 under the PPTA