Phase Overview

The second phase of Route 58 widening completed under the PPTA agreement was the $83-million Hillsville Bypass.  The bypass included 5.2 miles of four-lane divided highway built in Carroll County around the Town of Hillsville.  The new section of road improves the connection between Route 58 and Interstate 77.

The first 1.5 miles of the bypass opened to traffic in October 2010 with the remainder opened to traffic in August 2011.

Three new interchanges were constructed as part of the project:  one at each end of the new bypass to connect to Route 58 Business and one at Route 52.  The interchange with Route 52 is located just south of Hillsville and provides a direct connection for commercial vehicles from Route 52 to I-77 to minimize congestion in Hillsville.

The project also involved building seven new bridges including one to carry Route 780 (Howlett Street) over the new bypass and a pair to carry Route 58 over Route 670 (Snake Creek Road), and the redecking and widening of another bridge.

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Improving US Route 58 under the PPTA