Meadows of Dan: Quarterly Report—12/31/2004

Route 58 Corridor from Hillsville to Stuart

Quarterly Report


October 1, 2004 thru December 31, 2004

Branch Highways Inc.

Quarterly Report Summary

This fourth quarterly report for the project includes activities within the time frame of October 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004.  The project team has been diligently working to ensure this phase of the project meets all requirements of the contract.

All design work, including the roadway and bridge plans, has been submitted, reviewed and approved for construction.  The plans have been modified to add the Intra-Farm Access Tunnel.  We are in the process of acquiring final signatures on the cover sheets of the plans.  Parcels of property acquired for grade changes are in the process of being transferred to VDOT.

Monthly CPM/Payment Schedule updates are being maintained and transmitted as per the contract.

Permit obligations such as construction monitoring are on-going and reporting is being submitted to the appropriate agencies.  Warren Gray, permitting agent, has resigned his position with PTG and will be replaced be another PTG employee

The project team has not been increased by the addition of any new members for this period.

Construction activities in Work Area #1 (West End of project to Station 762+50) and Work Area #2 (Station 762+50 to 780+00 –Blue Ridge Parkway) include traffic switch from existing Rte 58 to Detour 10, 11 and 13.  Excavation of remaining material from the westbound lanes in Work Area #1 is in progress.

Construction activities in Work Area #2 (Station 762+50 to 780+00 – Blue Ridge Parkway) include pavement activities in the east bound lanes.  These items of work, subgrade stabilization, base stone, base asphalt pavement and shoulder base stone and base asphalt, were not scheduled to occur until 2005.  Construction of the northern portion of the double box culvert has begun this quarter.

Construction activities in Work Area #3 (Blue Ridge Parkway Bridge) includes placement of the concrete for the bridge deck and parapets.  Backfill of the abutments continues during this period.

Construction activities in Work Area #4 (Station 780+00 to East End of project) includes start of construction of the intra-farm access tunnel.

Construction activities in Work Area #5 (Wetlands Compensation Site) include  completion of the topsoil placement and final grading of the different wetland areas.  Finished grading of the slopes and drainage outfall areas are remaining items of work for this work area except for the plantings and seeding.

The project is currently on schedule to meet the substantial completion date of December 15, 2005.

There were no material disputes or claims, actions or assertions against Contractor, the Project or Project Right of way, or Lien claims or stop notices file or threatened to be filed by any Person for the period.

The following attachment is a graph depicting the actual cumulative payment applications and the maximum cumulative payments allowed by contract.

 Also find attached are project progress photos for the period.


Work Area #1 – Detour #11

Photograph taken from east end of Detour #11 looking west


Work Area #5 – Wetlands Mitigation Area

Finished Grading of Wetlands including Stream Ponding and Outfall Areas

Photograph taken from Rte 58 looking north


Work Area #3 – Blue Ridge Parkway Bridge

Photograph taken from mainline Rte 58, west side of bridge, looking east


Work Area #2

Photograph taken in middle of Work Area #2 looking east

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